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"The Passion Translation was launched by the skill of the Sanders. We will be forever grateful for the years we spent with their publishing company. 5 Fold Media is one of the best; you can trust them to lead you on the right path."
Brian Simmons
Lead Translator for The Passion Translation, endorsed by best-selling author Bill Johnson

The world we live in as authors today is diverse; publishing is diverse and can be complex. In order to meet the growing changes and demands of authors worldwide, 5 Fold Media specializes in two different book publishing options. From design and manufacturing all the way to distribution, marketing, and fulfillment, our professional team is ready to work with you, the author, on your project. We are prepared to offer our clients with what they need to get them to the next level of their writing goals.

Our Professional Publishing Options include:

Currently, we are not offering any traditional publishing offers (fully funded by the publisher). 5 Fold Media is only offering self-publishing and publishing services (for interior design, cover design, and editing, etc.).


This program is designed for authors, first-time or previously published, who need to order a larger quantity of books because of the scope of their ministry or business. The author will purchase a significant quantity of books at a very large discount at the first print run. With this program, 5 Fold Media will cover the manufacturing cost for the book project, which includes everything from editing to distribution.

Book Manufacturing

This program is for the avid writer who is called to be an author and is ready to be propelled to the next level of business or ministry. You may already travel and/or have an authority in the field that you wish to write about, but your current publishing needs do not require you to purchase a large quantity of books up front. The author will pay for the manufacturing cost of the book and purchase a smaller quantity of books. This program still offers a higher quality of product and service as our copublishing program offers.

If you are interested in the publishing options above, please visit our Manuscript Submission page.

What We Will Publish:

1. Christian Living, Christian Fiction, & Inspirational Books: This includes fiction, non-fiction (novels), short stories, and devotionals that are Christ-centered.
2. Spirit-Led Teachings: There is a need for genuine and foundational teachings for the body of Christ. We are seeking books that are biblically solid with mature teachings for everyday life. 
3. Bible Translations 
4. Educational Books: These are books that would be used for curriculum in churches, possibly at a basic-college level.
5. Poetry
6. Adult Picture/Story Books
7. M
id-teen and youth books (Reading age 13-18): This includes comic books, picture books, or any other book whose main audience is between 13-18 years of age.
8. Cookbooks

What We Do Not Publish:

1. Hate and Negative Speech: This includes anything that attacks or demeans any other person, ministry, organization, race, or religion.
2. Politics: We will not publish political views or opinions. We believe that Christians should be active in community politics; however, God has not granted spiritual authority to this press for those types of books.
3. New Age Philosophy: We are strictly a Christian press. As owners we are Spirit-led. The Bible clearly explains that there is a heaven and a hell, there is sin, and the only way to be freed from sin and death is through Jesus Christ. Any teachings contrary to this we will not publish.
4. Alternative Lifestyles: We do not publish any books that are contrary to the traditional Christian family views of Romans 1, Galatians 5, or 1 Corinthians 6.
5. Children's Books: Including any books whose main audience is twelve and under.


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